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Chris Kern

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10:47 pm: Fox News on NK

I've been seeing columns like this from right-wing sources since Obama took office, but I never really understand them. Whiton criticizes food aid and diplomacy towards North Korea, but doesn't really say what should be done other than a vague reference to "criticizing" China and "siding with the North Korean people." It's clear from the column that Whiton is not taking an isolationist viewpoint that we should just keep our hands off the whole situation, but he doesn't give any concrete ideas for what to do.

My guess is that he may not have any. Yelling at China's not going to do anything, nor is setting up Radio Free North Korea or something like that. War is basically out of the question, particularly now. But maybe these kind of people actually do want a war -- probably they realize that a war against NK, much less China, is not feasible, but they wish that it were, and so they can't bring themselves to side with a more diplomatic strategy.

So what can be done?


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Date:December 19th, 2011 09:49 pm (UTC)
As often as we hear them publicly fantasizing about a potential war with Iran, it doesn't surprise me at all that they also dream about one with North Korea (and China) as well. After all, Iran and North Korea were part of Bush's "Axis of Evil" along with Iraq.

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