Akegure no Yume ni Madoitamau

Lost in a Waking Dream

Chris Kern
4 April 1980
Columbus, Ohio, United States
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I am a 27-year old male living in Columbus, OH, where I'm attending Ohio State University. Currently I'm pursuing a masters' degree in Japanese Literature.

I like video games (mostly RPGs), reading, writing, bicycle riding (trips in particular), classical music, playing piano, and other stuff you can see from my interests.

My LJ name (hikarugenji) is taken from the titular character of the Tale of Genji, the classic work of Japanese literature which is my favorite book. The subtitle of my journal, "akegure no yume ni madoitamau", is a line from the book that means "lost in a waking dream". It occurs in a sentence late in the work where the death of one of the characters is being mourned: "Neither [the empress] nor [Genji] could accept this parting as being the kind one expects in life, for it was too strange and too bitter; no wonder they felt lost in a waking dream." The phrase has no real applicability to my life, I just like that passage.

Current Favorites:
TV shows - Lost, Heroes, Law and Order: SVU, Mythbusters, Daily Show
Video Games - Super Robot Wars series, Atelier series, Tales series, Angband
Books - Tale of Genji (of course), anything on Bach
Music - Bach